Maintenance of safety padlocks
As time goes on, the dust in air, particle and chemicals may attachment and go into the padlock, thus to influence the normal operation of the padlock. We recommend that regular clean the padlock annually. In the environment of the more dust and corrosion, it should clean up every three months.
Cleaning steps:
1. To clean up the padlock, you can use the pressurized air to blow away the dust.
2. Use a small amount powder to smear the keyhole and hooks.
3. Insert the key, to lock and open the padlock a few times, make the lubricant evenly distributed. Then blot the excess lubricant of the key.
Do not use the oily, dry graphite and silicone lubricant. Oil can make the dust accumulate easily. The graphite lubricant always excessively use, it can affect the activities of the parts.