Land drilling
Land drilling equipment is generally in remote areas in harsh environment operations, you need to be able to withstand harsh environments and provide a clear identity and security products. Bovii resistant to extreme temperatures, UV and harsh environment applications, products can fully meet the needs of industrial customers.
Marine oil
Including offshore oil drilling platform project, FPSO and auxiliary vessels. As the particularity of offshore oil engineering, high reliability and safety requirements mean the need for higher quality products. Bovii able to provide marine engineering requirements meet the identity and security of the overall solution.
Chemical Refining
Chemical industry due to the strict control of hazardous substances involved and personnel protection requirements, the need comprehensive security protection.
Power Transmission and Distribution
Bovii’s harsh environment outdoors lasting solution to put the case identifies alternative to traditional signage style logo products. Played an anti-theft, easy fabrication and installation, durability and environmental protection.
Industrial Manufacturing
Manufacturing of products, manufacturing processes and facilities safety, safety warning label product solutions and cable solutions.
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